Maintenance Manager: Parks, Facilities, Aquatics, Zoo, Capital Development

Excel, Outlook


BS Leisure Studies: Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management, University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana


Since 1984 I’ve spent my work life in and around the public parks and recreation world in northern Illinois.  I’ve had my hands in

•   baseball, basketball, and other various sports fields

•   sports field lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting

•   cars, trucks, trailers, tractors, mowers, scrapers, blowers, tillers, lifts, carts

•   turf

•   trash

•   trees, shrubs, flowers, natural areas

•   signs

•   playgrounds

•   cleaning (floors, walls, porcelain, glass, tile, terrazzo, carpet)

•   pests (bugs, plants, beasts)

•   roofs, windows, walls

Dad, Husband 30+ years; Grandpa more recently

Fixing broken things like

   cars, faucets, walls, lawns, appliances, clocks, floors, furniture, painting, refinishing

Birding, fishing, camping


In the past several years I’ve learned how to

•   shave with a single blade safety razor

•   kayak

•   change the timing belt in a Geo Tracker

•   replace a furnace ignitor

•   remove an interior wall to expose an original archway

•   build a paver sidewalk and stairway

•   tie flies and fly fish

•   care for cast iron cookware

•   roast green coffee in a hot air popcorn popper

•   travel to Tasmania

•   transfer slides into digital images

•   process digital images

•   convert cassette tapes to digital files

•   use a Mac

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